Counselling Services

Evening and Saturday availability via Zoom and hopefully August 2020 at 138 Mahogany Plaza Southeast Calgary, Alberta (Deep South in Mahogany)

With over 20 yrs of experience, I am passionate to work with adults who struggle with anxiety, chronic pain, stress, grief, gender identity, depression, self-esteem, regulating emotions and personality issues.  I have marvelled at people’s abilities to be resilient while also struggling with a racing mind and/or experiencing intense emotions.  I enjoy listening to people’s stories and finding the most effective therapeutic approach to assist them with reconnecting to their inner capacity and wisdom.  While also helping them to find balance, reduce the effects of stress and improving their overall qualities of life.

This work is done in partnership by creating a nonjudgmental environment and a place of acceptance which allows people to look at their coping patterns and establish a path to healing.

I work with individuals, couples and groups.  I have done some consulting as well, with larger non-profit groups offering tailored mindfulness workshops.

Therapy session fees range between $150 to $200 per hour and direct billing is available if you have coverage with Alberta Blue Cross and Green Shield Canada.