MBSR Series Testimonials

Testimonies about the MBSR Program:

“The MBSR program has a wealth of scientific research to support the multitude of benefits of this 8 week program. Charmaine artfully delivers this tried and true course with care and understanding. This combination of science and art are why I took the course and why I continue to refer my physiotherapy patients to Charmaine.” Alison McGrath, BScPT, PGDipHSc(MT), FCAMPT, MHSc, IMS Certified


“The practice helped me find the balance I was needing at that moment in my life.  With an open mind the practice helped me tune into my body and the sensations/emotions.  I may have been feeling in the stressful moment.  It gave me a better awareness/insight into my attitudes towards others.  The course helped me to find clarity in the moment and helped me to let go.  Thank you!” – Joan E. (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“In this busy, high pace world – this course provides you with time to soften and learn about yourself.  This course shifted my perspective and opened me to practice self compassion.  Image a world where we all loved ourselves, accepted what is and just stopped to breath?” – Kristen B. (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“Helped me to live more in the moment and be mindful in my daily life.” – Karen B. (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“The value of the Day of Mindfulness can not be overstated.  I look forward to being able to attend again.” – Anonymous (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“This course came into my life at the hardest time.  It saved me.”  – Anonymous (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“It’s worth the time investment – and you (everyone) should take this course for overall well being.” – Anonymous (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“The MBSR course allowed me to bring  more presence and meaning into my everyday life. Ongoing mindfulness practice continues to have a positive ripple effect in my choices and attitude towards life. Charmaine’s knowledge, commitment and passion about Mindfulness shines through in the sessions.” – Barb Gordon, RPN (previous participant of the MBSR Series)


“Charmaine’s warmth, wisdom, grounded knowledge and humour in facilitation made MBSR a joy to attend.  The practice has been life-changing to me. For these reasons, I continue to regularly refer my own clients to her course.  I believe that the MBSR course, as taught by Charmaine, reduces the amount of time that these people come to me for therapy. Yes, it really can have that kind of an impact!” – Tiffany Saxton, BA, RSW (previous participant of the MBSR Series)